Social Action Move Up and Janeth Arcain Institute

We are delighted to announce the partnership with the Janeth Arcain Institute. All 700 students of the institute will have free access to the Doses de Inglês method.

We are HUGELY HAPPY to realize that our idol within the courts is an even bigger idol outside them. IJA is a serious, organized institute with a team that is visibly engaged in promoting human development.

We will be eternally grateful to Janeth Arcain Institute for believing and embracing our mission to democratize English language teaching.

Let’s together pursue a better society, in which everyone has the same rights and opportunities!

Social Action Move Up and GM Institute

For over 10 years in the city of São Caetano, we have always believed that education is the main path to inclusion and success, both individually and collectively. And, as a way of giving back to the city that welcomed us from the beginning, we signed a partnership with GM Institute to promote the teaching of English to young people participating in its Mentoring program. Thus, Young Learners and Minor Citizens leave the program more prepared to enter the job market and begin their professional life “on the right foot.”

In addition, the partnership extends to all GM employees, who have special discounts at Move Up.

Become a Move Up partner company!

We offer special discounts to partner companies which seek to encourage their employees to master one or more foreign languages, making them more competitive in the global market.

We carry out an ongoing assessment of students and provide reports on progress as often as required by the company.

Contact us and check out the benefits of becoming a partner company.

Partner companies and advantages for students


• Academia Aquaplay

• Adesso Escola de Gastronomia

• Artsana


• Chevrolet Vantagens

• CI Intercâmbio e Viagem – São Caetano do Sul

• Ênfase Consultoria e Coach

• Escola de Tradutores

• Go Integro

• Miani Fitness


• Paranapanema

• Sicredi

• Siemens

• Support Assessoria e Consultoria Empresarial

• Trust Intercâmbio Cultural e Turismo – São Caetano do Sul


• Adesso Escola de Gastronomia

• CI Intercâmbio e Viagem – São Caetano do Sul

• Ênfase Consultoria e Coach

• Escola de Tradutores

• Trust Intercâmbio Cultural e Turismo – São Caetano do Sul


• Universidade Metodista de São Paulo

• St. Paul Escola de Negócios

• MBA USP/Esalq


* Check conditions Move Up.