Forget about crowded classrooms and only one teacher for many students. At Move Up, the classes are focused on communication and interaction since the very beginning, counting on relevant and up-to-date activities.

The students get personalized follow-ups, and they are stimulated to expand their learning throughout reading, listening to songs and watching movies.

Besides the great courses, Move Up is constantly recognized by its excellence in management by numerous organizations.

Move Up selos


It’s a great pleasure to talk about Move Up, a very professional and yet friendly school, where you feel at home and are treated exceptionally.

My teacher is ‘una persona maravillosa’, I learned a lot of Spanish with her, so much that today I have a DELE certificate from the Government of Spain, not to mention how much she taught me about the Spanish culture as well. For all that I’ve learned and for the love I gained for the Spanish language, I think it was the most cost-effective course I’ve ever attended.

I also intend to attend the English certification preparatory course at Move Up, since it’s an excellent school. My only regret is not having studied at Move Up before!

Alessandra Preto Bitante
Spanish student

Move Up has a very efficient method that drew my attention since the beginning for being totally focused on conversation. Without a doubt I had great improvement in the languages I took. I first started with English and then took up Spanish. I needed to learn urgently and got a very satisfactory result, and it was many times surprising how fast the language flew to me.

Besides that, I could experience a very cozy atsmosphere. There’s constant care concerning the quality of the classes and the suitability for each student’s needs, generating open communication with the direction/coordination about the classes, for the best choice of the necessities of each moment.

I highly recommend it!

Fernanda Peviani
English and Spanish student

I would like to thank Move Up for its commitment, effort and success achieved with me. If I had to pick a movie to describe the situation I was in, it would have to be ‘The Green Mile’, because a miracle was exactly what I needed. With a presentation scheduled for a congress in London within two months, and without being able to speak, read or write in English, only God could help me!

After a month of intensive classes at Move Up and another month in Canada, I was able to do my presentation, without having to memorize a text or embarrass myself. I performed a simple and clear presentation, and everybody who attended it was able to understand it, so much that a university in London got interested in my work and started using it at their lab.

There are things that money can buy, like a good English course. There are others that money cannot buy, like commitment and dedication. You embraced my cause as if it was yours, and felt in your stomachs the same butterflies I felt in mine when I thought about everything I would have to face.

Besides being able to present my work, I also had fun, talked to people from all over the world and could even laugh at their jokes!

My brilliant teachers made such a great effort for me! I could see the concern in their eyes, because they knew it was going to be hard.

But just like the Red Sea parted, the water turned into wine and the blind man could see again, I now speak English. Thank you very much!

Profa. Dra. Magda Ap. S. Miyashiro
English teacher

Attending Move Up changed the way I see an English course, because I really enjoyed studying this language. I attended intensive courses that made my English skills improve quickly. Besides that, I’ve met incredible teachers that made it all possible. I strongly recommend Move Up.

Marcelo Costa Menezes
English student

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